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  1. Advanced Search Doesn't Work Fenris1066 I'm assuming that was sarcasm. However, my point was, yes at one point […]
  2. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] numberfour I was scared for life.
  3. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] numberfour That video was the saddest thing I have ever seen except a picture of […]
  4. What does the question mark on […] motion That they ve played few games and their rating is not fully reliable I think.
  5. question to my friends from India efour why do u make movies like that? […]
  6. What does the question mark on […] Reaver96 I have seen various opponets with a question mark "?" next to their ra […]
  7. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] IDetestChess Yeah, I saw that. The guy who played him was awful. He'd probably […]
  8. Can I use the Lichess chess se […] jaotomschu Thank You for your answers! Nice to see, that here are people, ready t […]
  9. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] Unihedron Someone needs to get better at chess before challenging a chess master.
  10. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] Hellball (sorry for clickbait title, I need them views)
  11. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] Hellball
  12. Full Strength Stockfish Computer. Hellball Sorry, the hardware and volume of people playing against the AI doesn' […]
  13. Auto Pairing Pools? Nocturnal420 Awesome. Thank you very much for the explanation.
  14. Full Strength Stockfish Computer. testuser101 It would be nice to be able to play against full strength stockfish so […]
  15. Bug with tablet app Awake77 Hi, i have a samsung galaxy tab, since the old version i playied on th […]
  16. Openings: Best Way to Study, L […] awesomer #2 I found this software - lucas chess - weird to use. Needs a cleaner […]
  17. Fishball Curry Dionysus_god You know you can name your kid anything. I can literally name my child […]
  18. Fishball Curry chunkymonkey At what point do you have to say 'NO' to 2 billion people. Nobody wins […]
  19. Auto Pairing Pools? DunnoItAll They did away with them because they tried a new way of doing them whi […]
  20. Feature Request: Compare Ratin […] droogans The profile page of another player should allow you to quickly compare […]
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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