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 Hourly Blitz 50m  3
 Schwarz  5+0 960 Rated 1h 10m  4/20
 Capps  0+2 3+ Rated 40m  2/4
 Huff  3+2 960 Rated 50m  1/4
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  1. diagram andonuts #3 -- I used it too, but yeah, I figure I was one of the outliers.
  2. Finally a decent Go server matburt matburt here, one of the developers of OGS. Thanks for the mention! […]
  3. 1 minute per move vasfed12 I believe it is called Bronstein time controls
  4. diagram kingofblunder hooray! thanx!
  5. Is the exchange French so bad? grondilu I've been playing it lately, with surprisingly good results (here is m […]
  6. Finally a decent Go server ChessWhiz I'll have to try this out on GoWhiz TV. *grin*
  7. Finally a decent Go server Hellball Indeed, OGS is as good as it gets. Its analysis/demonstration mode bea […]
  8. Correspondance Chess goldilocks @ando - playing 40 games is fine. Scrolling through your 40 seeks to f […]
  9. Playing both sides on a free board? cafestream @KMagik, I think it is possible now. Have you tried sending link of a […]
  10. Correspondance Chess PigsRule I've noticed that you can now view a players information pop-up on the […]
  11. Playing both sides on a free board? KMagik It would be also nice to be able to share such board easily by sending […]
  12. Playing both sides on a free board? cafestream This has been discussed here […]
  13. 1 minute per move PigsRule I'm familiar with this type, though I can't place the name at the mome […]
  14. 1 minute per move motion I know what u are asking but I did not know that type of chess existed […]
  15. Playing both sides on a free board? Barahir #5 I think he means that you can create a game to "play against a frie […]
  16. Really annoying to play on mobile Barahir I don't know if it's due to a recent update‚ but since today if I want […]
  17. Correspondance Chess andonuts I only think it's spammy if the seeks stay up indefinitely. I for one […]
  18. Playing both sides on a free board? NoviceGirl "You can also do it with 2 tabs, but is not so good." Thanks for th […]
  19. Finally a decent Go server PigsRule That's awesome. Thanks, Thibault.
  20. Correspondance Chess goldilocks Loving the new set up - have 5 corr games underway. One observation ( […]
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