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Berezkin 2035
wigglewiggle 1927
ximatzo 1794
sklibur 1747
no7000 1715
pepess 1651
Tubbietoetje 1578
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  1. New puzzle format Rumeye Are the problem/puzzle positions taken from Lichess games?
  2. ChessWhiz TV: Funday Mondays ChessWhiz Today we learned that reaching the 5th rank increases the chance of de […]
  3. New puzzle format FinkelFrand It doesn't work for me still, I suspect the hard refresh was what did […]
  4. New puzzle format thibault I did nothing. I'm clueless about what's happening.
  5. New puzzle format Leeness It works now, thanks!
  6. New puzzle format FinkelFrand > And when I click an old weird hover piece, the square on the board w […]
  7. New puzzle format FinkelFrand I see, the image that's below the cursor is an actual piece, but it's […]
  8. New puzzle format FinkelFrand Hard refresh didn't work for me The board editor doesn't work. It h […]
  9. New puzzle format thibault Have you guys tried a hard page refresh? Ctrl+F5. Also, can you use […]
  10. New puzzle format Leeness I use Chrome Version 37.0.2062.124 m Windows 7
  11. New puzzle format Leeness @FinkelFland Same thing happens to me..
  12. New puzzle format FinkelFrand I can see the puzzle solution after I click 'give up', if that is any […]
  13. Puzzles are bugged shaktimaan ty thibault for the quick response and making this site ever awesome :-)
  14. New puzzle format FinkelFrand Maybe something changed from firefox 32 to 33 that causes it. Iceweas […]
  15. New puzzle format thibault Ok, thanks. I'll try to get my hands on an iceweasel on debian.
  16. New puzzle format FinkelFrand I also didn't see any errors in the console, and clearing the browser […]
  17. Game seeking improvements goldilocks Agreed - a limit seems reasonable - 2 may be fine, 3 likely pushing it […]
  18. New puzzle format FinkelFrand I don't use teamviewer, I could setup a vnc server with x11vnc but I t […]
  19. Some more stats Clarkey Actually, something like this is in the pipes. Or at least I've valida […]
  20. Game seeking improvements claymore These would be nice to have, I agree. I believe thibault's concern wi […]
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