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Hourly Blitz 1h 18
Hourly SuperBlitz 1h 4
Hourly Bullet 45m 12
Osnos  7+2 Rated 2h 1
Czerniak  0+2 Rated 1h 4
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  1. Attaching or detecting links t […] NoviceChess-Youtube Ah, brilliant!
  2. Attaching or detecting links t […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Hi all On a past tournament page, I think it would be nice to allow […]
  3. Play variant from position Midnight_Contender "Why not?" I'd like it too. Make this possible, Thibault, if you can.
  4. Tournament System Improvement Midnight_Contender An option for extreme players: Mega-Berserk. It could be taken only be […]
  5. what happen to the sounds? Midnight_Contender Loading… █▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 10% ███▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 30% █████▒▒▒▒▒ 50% ██ […]
  6. New Order Fans Here! Prototype666 My favorite one, Blue Monday.
  7. New Order Fans Here! BlueKnight9 Post vids here and such. Heres a fucking good song: […]
  8. This site needs more traffic. rise_UIED "This site needs more traffic." Explain that "need", please. Is lic […]
  9. This site needs more traffic. Andrea1996 Seriously, it gives you (for free) what a LOT of other chess sites mak […]
  10. Shadow Banning? Midnight_Contender Tell your friend to watch his dirty mouth, and better hold his tongue. […]
  11. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ Add some more st […] Midnight_Contender Are you interested to add a new section to lichess training - chess co […]
  12. Shadow Banning? DunnoItAll Does lichess ban users from communications without them knowing it? A […]
  13. If Magnus Carlsen plays a coup […] winstonchills Accurate or not, they both play out of this world moves and sequences.
  14. long way to check mate rodeo_drive it's just game stockfish vs stockfish level 8 very interesting ending […]
  15. what happen to the sounds? galaxie-500 there used to be sound when a game starts. is it my imagination, or d […]
  16. Playing the Bongcloud opening […] Sollerman i fear chess is about to die with the discovery and further developmen […]
  17. New game mode idea Septagonizate After testing out a bit I find that it's rather easy to force stalemat […]
  18. New game mode idea Prototype666 If this was a game mode, look at how many points this game got in tota […]
  19. My victory vs a NM! intelligentdesign Tough fight, I thought he had me […]
  20. New game mode idea Nybbles TheIceManV I don't think he was trying to compare games. It's basic […]
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