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  2. Aborted games rzenaikrzys Help, According this sentence,I want to help :-) Is pr […]
  3. Feature Request: please return […] Dolg To be honest I really like that there are no highlights for better mov […]
  4. Feature Request: please return […] hankm00dy Pre-update era, during the game analysis, for a move that was a mistak […]
  5. Happy with this, but how could […] IDetestChess Nice, accurate game. You probably could have made some stronger moves […]
  6. Trophy,expanding list of Top 100 Clarkey Hmm... this gives me a couple of ideas.
  7. Leave the game MicaiahWa well it is really annoying but sometimes they dont have much time to w […]
  8. Trophy,expanding list of Top 100 legend I think it would be nice to so that when you click on http://en.lich […]
  9. Leave the game IDetestChess What's the difference? You win either way. Sure, it's not exactly stel […]
  10. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] King--Fischer Anand is the greatest comeback kid of all times...
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  12. What kind of music do you like Woden #10 Yeah but Roxette is legendary... and was hot in a very 80s hard-ha […]
  13. What kind of music do you like IDetestChess I've taken several IQ tests, each giving different results, but typica […]
  14. Why both players gain rating? jonc I don't understand why when someone loses the game both players gain r […]
  15. Custom number of players in tournaments Wizard_Nick Is there a way to create a tournament or pool game with an odd number […]
  16. What kind of music do you like chunkymonkey Ok - if we're going to admit stuff - I went to see Roxette in concert […]
  17. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] CautiousKamikaze Carlsen way too stronk! Vishy having nightmares about the double blunder
  18. sound when time gets critical artykom Hi, I dont know dat there is something like dat and I would not like i […]
  19. sound when time gets critical Nice_To_Mate_You yep at first i thought it was my laptop i was trying to figure out the […]
  20. sound when time gets critical perpetualmate im glad for the ability to turn that feature off,in a 2+1 game it goes […]
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